The desire to lose weight and stay fit is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy. The good news is that finding ways to manage your weight and keep it at the level you want is not impossible. It starts with finding ways to boost the rate at which your body burns the fuel you put into it – in other words, the rate of your metabolism. When it comes to whether you lose or gain weight, there is just one simple formula: if you eat more calories than you burn through activity, you will gain weight. If you burn more calories than you eat, then you will lose weight. Finding ways to speed up your metabolism will help you come out on the right side of this equation more often than not. This book contains a guide to the types of food you should eat and types of food you should avoid. There are recipes, exercises and other tips to help you take charge of your metabolism. You will find new strategies for managing your diet and putting together an exercise plan that will help you lead to a long-term, sustained weight loss. There are few things more frustrating than dropping those first eight or ten pounds, only to see them show up again on the scale. It’s important to remember that you are not alone on your quest for health. If you have the funds, join a gym in your neighborhood. You’ll meet people who have the same interests that you have. Most gyms offer a free evaluation with a trainer, which means that you can get a list of suggested workouts without spending any more money. Your journey toward nutritional health will be a long one, but you will enjoy the changes you undergo along the way.

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