Why do we do what we do?

We believe the world is going backwards and that part of the reason for this decline is a growing confusion around the role of men in society.
We know men are husbands, fathers, brothers and grandads but they are also feeling lost.
To fill this hole inside themselves they often use destructive ways to numb themselves through alcohol and drugs, gambling and food.
If they use food, the excess weight begins to rob them of life well before serious disease hits. They become lethargic, miserable, tired and unmotivated and society and families suffer.
We want to fight that trend, make the world a better place one man at a time.
That is why we created BYB.
Having both lost friends to weight related premature death and seen first hand how weight can affect quality of life in some of our family members, our why is both personal and global.

Click on the link www.beyondyourbelly.com, once you purchase the program you will be invited to a closed facebook page where you will get personal help from Michael and Tony as well as support from all the other guys on there.

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